NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus has reading recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction, for all ages. NoveList’s expertise in books and reading means that you’ll always get the best help for finding just the right books.

You are now ready to start finding great new authors to read…


Key features

  • Read-alike recommendations
  • Our recommendations are crafted by experts, and we let you know who wrote a recommendation and why the recommendation makes sense. We offer recommendations for titles, authors, and series.
  • Listen-alike recommendations for audiobooks
  • Series information
  • A single place for reviews
  • Top ten, best of, favourites — we have hundreds of reading lists that make it really easy to quickly find great books to read.
  • Award winners, all in one place.
  • Need to learn about that new genre? Or build a book display? Teach with books? NoveList includes education and inspiration at your fingertips.
  • On The Shelf (OTS)

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