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We understand that it can be difficult to choose your next book - our Librarians are often asked for help with what to read next, so don't hesitate to seek advice if you can't find a book.

Some of our libraries also produce reading lists from staff suggestions,please look out for them next time you visit your local library. We also put Staff Picks and Reader Recommends bookmarks in books to help make it easier to choose. Or you can view our latest titles for:

Otherwise try some of the ideas below:


Enter the books you have enjoyed reading and GoodReads will generate some further suggestions, awesome site if you find you are in a reading rut.


A great place to start for what's hot to read right now!


Richard & Judy's Reading Club is a popular UK site that is great for finding fresh new authors. It contains pod casts by some the authors and you can add your own  online reviews. A selection of new books is added each season.


Release your inner librarian and catalogue your own books online - 1,600,000 members can vouch for its popularity!


There are a great variation of literary works reviewed on Radio NZ - check it out.


Compiled by Eastern Regional Libraries, this is a handy way to search if you have favourite authors but have read all their work...


Fantastic Fiction is an established favourite with Librarians, great British site that is particularly useful for finding series of books by authors.


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